Saturday, July 5, 2008

CEP Enhances SOA's Eventing Capabilities

Eventing in a SOA environment is crucial for enterprise applications. According to the WS-Eventing specification, web services are capable of monitoring and notifying status and also performing a defined operation when a certain event is triggered. However, like any other specification that explains web based extensions to event driven architectures, this lacks the true power of making decisions on events based on a stream of events itself.

The combination of CEP and SOA unleashes the true potential of a complete event driven architecture implemented over a web based or any similar network communication protocol based architecture that is supported by existing SOA networks. Thus, one could describe CEP over SOA as a universal replacement to existing Publisher-Subscriber systems such as,
  1. JMS Topics
  2. XMPP
  3. WS-Eventing
  4. Atom Pub/Sub
Decisions made through CEP systems involve identifying meaningful events from a number of events, extracting the product of a reaction between several events, understanding event patterns etc. The possibilities in handling bulky event sources are immense. Thus, the positive addition to an SOA environment through a CEP system is limitless.

It is clearly understood that CEP enhances SOA's eventing capabilities. In addition to these marginal gains, a complete CEP installation over an SOA network makes you more productive. We are looking forward to introduce such other benefits.

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