Saturday, July 26, 2008

SCI-Flex Milestone 1 Plan

The SCI-Flex team is at present working on the 1st milestone of SCI-Flex due in early September 2008. The development of SCI-Flex was broken down in to several parts so that basic functionality will be made available from early stages of development. It was decided that we would primarily focus on the development of the Synapse-Esper mediator at the beginning and focus on other aspects afterwards.

The requirements for the 1st Milestone as agreed by our team can be expressed as,
  1. Make it possible for Synapse to talk to Esper. All messages that go through Synapse will be routed to Esper during this stage of our research. By achieving this, we need not worry about what messages would go to the CEP and what wouldn't.
  2. Attach registry support to our SOA+CEP infrastructure. We will be making it possible for someone to store a CEP query, EQL/EPL in a back-end registry, which will then be fetched by Synapse by default and then applied upon the event stream that will be flushed through the CEP. We will not worry about how we will be fetching various queries, or fetching a particular query on demand for this milestone.
  3. Make it possible for someone to specify a Endpoint Reference (EPR) along with the query, so that Synapse will redirect the response obtained through the CEP to the specified EPR. The EPR will also be made available through the registry.
The development activities related to Milestone 1, is carried on the SCI-Flex M1 branch. We'll be merging it to the trunk once we've finished work, most probably in early September.

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