Wednesday, July 30, 2008

SCI-Flex introduced in webinar By Paul

SCI-Flex was featured on "Complex Event Processing with Esper and WSO2 ESB" - Webinar by Paul Fremantle which was held on 29th July 2008. Paul Fremantle, Co-Founder and CTO of WSO2, spoke about Complex Event processing capabilities of the WSO2 ESB, in the fourth and final part of the webinar series on the WSO2 ESB. WSO2 ESB is a enterprise grade lightweight ESB based on the popular Apache Synapse ESB, and is presently at version 1.7.

Paul discussed about how the WSO2 ESB can easily be configured to listen and monitor various events flowing through the WSO2 ESB using the Esper open source complex event processing system, and identify patterns and useful events. As a mechanism of integrating Esper into the WSO2 ESB, Paul introduced SCI-Flex which is project focused on maximizing the use of Complex Event Processing in the field of Service Oriented Architecture through a flexible integration.

The SCI-Flex team is now working on further improving the Synapse-Esper mediator which serves as the primary medium for connecting Synapse and Esper which can infact be used with the WSO2 ESB as well. We are very much thankful to Paul for mentioning about SCI-Flex in his discussion. More information on the webinar and subject matter can be found here.

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