Saturday, May 31, 2008

Introducing SCI-Flex

Welcome all.

The project SCI-Flex is an attempt to combine the power of a Complex Event Processing system with a Service Oriented Architecture of another. Our attempt is focused mainly in making the CEP experience truly parallel and distributed.

We have already started with some initial research into combining Apache Synapse and Espertech Esper, and the project is located in Google Code at [1]. We also do have a mailing list which is focused towards pre-development discussions. Feel free to join the effort at [2].

As of present the development team includes,
  1. Paul Fremantle
  2. Harsha Halgaswatte
  3. Senaka Fernando
  4. Madhumal Gunetileke
The project is as of present just started, and we are hoping to achieve completion in January 2008.

Instructions for downloading source code is found at [1], however, the location should read as, instead of

[2] sci-flex-dev AT googlegroups DOT com