Monday, June 30, 2008

Unified Support for Events

This time I would like to mention a few words about another phase of our project - Unified support for events on the Synapse ESB.

This will probably be one of a few postings which will describe this matter. This particular posting simply is intended to lay down
some initial background to this concept and introduce a few key terms. It will not be describing the process of unified support, but rather the different types of requests handled by Synapse which results in event formulation.

Some of the different types supported are;
  • XMPP Pub/sub
  • Atom Feeds
  • JMS Topics
  • WS-Eventing
Looking at these in a bit more detail;
  • XMPP -
    If you usually do a considerable amount of chatting over the internet, chances are you have used this technology at least once... it is the backbone of some popular systems such as Google Talk. XMPP is essentially an XML-based protocol which enables real-time and extensible Instant Messaging feature core (e.g. it is the base of Jabber IM as well as Presence Technology.
  • Atom -
    The Atom format was developed as an alternative to RSS.
    It is a data format used for providing users with frequently updated content.

  • JMS Topics -
    API is a Java Message Oriented Middleware API for sending messages between two or more clients.

  • WS-Eventing -
    a protocol that allows Web services to subscribe to or accept subscriptions for event notification messages.
Our goal therefore in brief is giving Synapse the ability to interpret as well as handle these different types of events in unified manner. More on this soon...:-)

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