Sunday, June 1, 2008

Why SOA and CEP

The reason to why we chose SOA and CEP integration grew based on a discussion on writing a CEP system using an Apache license. When thinking of what could be done with the new CEP project, we saw the possibility of extending existing SOA frameworks to be capable of making the most of this new CEP system.

After having a fair amount of reading over the internet, we discovered that it was not only us who were interested in the fact but many other individuals, research teams, companies etc who have paid a reasonable amount of attention on this topic that has gradually gained popularity in early 2008. This gave us enough motivation to discover the potential of converting a simple thought into a project that would benefit many.

Our aim is to make it possible for someone who wishes to make use of a CEP system in a distributed SOA environment, without having to worry much about low-level configuring and interfacing. Unlike many developers who are involved with SOA frameworks, most users are accustomed to simply make use of a pre-built framework and integrate some code of business logic which will route information to/from an SOA network. Thus, a typical SOA user will not be looking forward to extend a framework to support a CEP system, but rather look for another that already has that feature.

Based on this requirement, we are targeting to make life easy for a user who is looking forward to make good use of a CEP system, Esper, in a SOA environment hosted through the popular Apache Synapse Enterprise Service Bus.

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