Friday, December 26, 2008

SCI-Flex Assists SOA Governance

SOA governance is related to any activity that is used as means of exercising control over an SOA infrastructure. This concept is based on IT governance which is based on corporate governance. A more detailed explanation is available here. SOA governance thus incorporate two main workflows, imposing policies and monitoring activities.

SCI-Flex which integrates Complex Event Processing capabilities to SOA is an ideal fit for workflows related to monitoring activities. Business Activity Monitoring can easily be done using SCI-Flex which also can be configured as an intemediatory in making sure that certain policies are enforced. SCI-Flex also makes it possible to validate the presence of SOA policies given that a proper event generation mechanism is in place.

SCI-Flex however does only provide the infrastructure for Business Activity Monitoring, and thus a suitable protocol is required. This can be one of many options such as WS-Eventing, XMPP pub/sub, or even JMS. Therefore, what SCI-Flex provides is immense:
  • Service lifecycle management
  • Service performance analysis
  • Service coordination monitoring
  • Business process monitoring
  • Notification services
  • Managed policy enforcement
Thus, SCI-Flex becomes an ideal entity that serves the purpose of a complete Event Management System in a typical SOA Governance Application.

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