Monday, December 8, 2008

Registry Integration of SCI-Flex mediator

The SCI-Flex mediator supports static configuration of XML as well as AXIOM message reception and mediation through Esper CEP system as of today. Obviously, the mediator requires some bits of configuration that it needs in order to make proper use of Esper and the routing of messages through Synapse. Classically, the mediator is backed with a configuration XML object which is embedded in the Synapse configuration (synapse.xml) used by the Synapse ESB. According to how Synapse is implemented, the configuration is statically loaded and the ESB continues to use the same bits of information through out an active lifetime.

By analyzing the nature of the configuration information provided to the Synapse-Esper mediator, we discovered that whilst certain portions of the configuration seems static and used over and over, certain portions need not necessarily be so. Thus, it was obviously needed to have some way that one could dynamically configure the mediator according to his/her requirement.

Synapse facilitates the option of dynamically configuring parameters of the ESB by the use of a remote back-end Registry. The WSO2ESB uses this model of Synapse and provides two models of back-end Registries, the ESB Registry and the WSO2 Registry (using the WSO2 Registry project).

We have made it possible for a user of SCI-Flex to be able to dynamically configure the endpoint to which the responses should be delivered as well as, provide the EPL queries through either of the back-end Registries implemented by the WSO2 ESB.

More information on how to use the SCI-Flex interface to store EPL queries, and endpoints on a back-end Registry will be added shortly.

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