Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Role of a CEP System in Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is a concept in where various services are made available through a cloud ( a network of resources which is a part of the internet), to users, without any knowledge, control, or privileged access to the underlying infrastructure that provides services. The services are necessarily IT related business applications that are more or less extensions to the traditional computing systems.

Clouds that provide services are backed by huge infrastructures of resources and handle large number of clients or users to which it provides services. The number of clients serviced by a particular cloud at any given instance can be in the magnitude of millions to billions depending on the type of service provided. This gives rise to the importance of a proper event management system in order to track usage and assist workflows.

Complex Event Processing Systems are vested with the capability of handling large streams of events and identifying useful patterns and trigger events based on them. Thus, it is clearly evident that a CEP system is perhaps the ultimate event manager or synchronizer demanded by a cloud. But, the biggest question is how to integrate a CEP system to the cloud with minimal effort.

SCI-Flex is a good example of how one could leverage the capabilities of a CEP system in event management in cloud computing. The infrastructure provided by SCI-Flex easily blends to the infrastructure of a cloud that provides services. The system can in fact be positioned as a central hub or a cluster of nodes and still have the same experience due to the way in which it being implemented.

We are hoping to add more information on integrating SCI-Flex to your cloud. Join the SCI-Flex developer list to learn more.

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Ruby said...

Informative post on Cloud Computing.thanks for sharing it here. By the way do you heard about the Cloudslam 2010 conference which is the 2nd annual and virtual conference on Cloud Computing and its technologies through which I gather more information on Cloud Computing.