Wednesday, November 5, 2008

SCI-Flex and Open Source

When planning SCI-Flex, we had to decide on one major factor. That is the development model that we are going to use. We chose Open Source as we believe that it would benefit a larger audience. The SOA and CEP combination being a novel idea is another fact that we believe Open Source will be the best possible way to unleash it's true potential.

The level of research we are expecting to put into this project is immense. However, this doesn't guarantee that the SOA+CEP combination is a true success and does not confirm whether it meets the requirements of a potential user. The Open Source approach gives the SCI-Flex project the ability to be used and utilized in an efficient manner to uncover the true power of CEP systems in the presence of a well organized SOA environment.

Still at the beginning of the project, we have not yet planned about distributions and deployment alternates. Thus, the prime focus remains still in rather What should be done? rather than How should it be done?. As a starting point we've made the source code for SCI-Flex available @ Google Code. You are free to go ahead and give it a try. Further involvement with the project development activities are made possible through the project's mailing lists. Discussions are welcome on the SCI-Flex developer mailing list.

Several Open Source projects such as Apache HTTP Server, Linux Kernel, and Mozilla Firefox have made it the forefront as globally renowned software. We the SCI-Flex project team would like to see someday, our project being a globally renowned software in the SOA+CEP sphere.

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